8 Responses to LABEL IT CRIME

  1. Lavonne Westbrooks says:

    I’m slavering to find out what happens to Cher.

  2. lynn doiron says:

    Day 5 of this Crime Story write and Cher is still haloed in Greece and her sister, Sunny, is in a parked car in the boondocks. Meanwhile, other dastardly types lurk. Glad you stopped by, Lavonne.

  3. I don’t know if it is a problem for everyone, or just me, but that big picture takes a very long time to load. It might be good to substitute a smaller one, in case it stops impatient types from actually reading your blogvel. I am keeping up with the story (just barely) but crime fiction isn’t my usual genre, so I am having a hard time putting all the pieces together. Lots of POV’s!

  4. Bertram says:

    Crime fiction IS my genre, and I’m having a hard time keeping up with all the POVs. As usual, Lynn, your writing is brilliant, but almost too stylistic for a crime novel. This seems to me more of a literary novel with a crime. But then what do I know.

  5. lynn doiron says:

    Literary with a crime would work for me. I think that’s why I love the Kate Atkinson book so much — the variety of characters and pov’s with some murders sprinked in. Again, really appreciate your take on this one. Hope you haven’t written me off all together. Thanks.

  6. Bertram says:

    Definitely haven’t written you off. I like the way you use words. One thing we didn’t touch on with genre is that once you’ve set a genre, you create an entire world of expectations in the reader, and if those expectations aren’t met, you alienate him/her. That’s why I hate the whole genre concept. Better just to write.

  7. lynn doiron says:

    Amen to that. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll get at the “story” again and just Write, as you say. I think I need another body in my killer’s history; and I know I need to intro my killer’s thoughtful neighbor that brings him baked goodies from time to time.

  8. lavonnew says:

    Absolutely LOVE the title.

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